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When will I receive my item?

Most items are shipped same day if placed before 2PM, after 2PM it is shipped the next day. Occasionally, an item for sale on Militaryhippie.com has not yet been received at our distribution center or is so popular that it must be restocked. You may have ordered a backordered item to reserve your favorite color and size, but it will not be shipped to you until it is in stock. The expected ship date will be listed on the product listing page where the product details are listed. Sometimes an item that you order that says same day shipping may still have a back order status in rare cases. Do not be alarmed as we do our best to ship as quick as possible. Please note: Backorder shipping dates are subject to change in rare instances. We do our best to get popular items out as quickly as possible as we know how important quick delivery time is.

Where do you ship from?

We ship from Boca Raton, FL. We stock all items from our warehouse in Florida, USA and ship directly to our customers.

I need to return/exchange an item?

Please follow the link below for returns: https://militaryhippie.com/pages/returns

The color looks slightly different than the pictures?

Please note that we take our pictures in the sunlight as we are a Florida based company, some light exposure may change the color. We do our best to get exact colors as we know our customers appreciate it. Some specialty dress’s please note they are all hand made and material may vary slightly from dress to dress. Our pieces are unique just like our customers and we hope you will love them as much as we do!

I am having problems with my discount code or I forgot to enter it?

Do not worry we will make sure we apply it to your order as soon as you email us and let us know you had problems.

I am having problems with the website.

Please try a new browser or another device to see if it is resolved. Also email us and we will have someone call you to take your order by phone as we take pride in assisting and helping our customers. It actually makes our day!

Sizing-What size should I order?

We make sure all our sizes are US sizing. We have sizing charts on every item so you know exactly how we are sizing each piece. Our clothing is meant to be loose, since we are a bohemian style clothing company.

Where do you get your items from?

We get our clothing worldwide, depending on the item it will come from a different country. We started our company just making leggings and tank tops, we got all our material from Italy and all our organic tank tops from India, we expanded since and now get our clothing worldwide depending on the style and the best material we can find. We also know price is important to our customers so we also take this into consideration when ordering.

Where is my refund?

If requesting refund please allow up to 12-15 days for processing and 3-5 days for bank processing back to original form of payment. Thank you for your patience as we are a very busy store and most times it is done quicker we just like to under promise and over deliver for our customers.

Can I cancel/change my order:

Most items are shipped same day. We will do our best to accommodate your request as long as the item is not already on it’s way!

Do you ship internationally:

Yes we ship to all countries worldwide. However please note we have nothing to do with customs charges, as every country is different. Some may charge customs and some may not. Please be aware of your countries customs charges.