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About Us


Military Hippie is inspired by women who bring strength and light to the world.

It’s a collection made to be as unique as those who wear it; clothing for independent women who defy expectations, move to their own beat and spread the love. We’re out here for the powerful free spirits out there. 


We’re passionate about offering quality clothing that’s accessibly priced and designed to inspire.

We search the globe for styles that move us and put a modern spin on our favorite classic, bohemian and vintage fashions. When you wear a piece from Military Hippie, we want you to move freely and live fully.





Karolyn began her journey in online retail with the launch of My Organic Juice, one of Florida’s most successful all natural juice brands. Inspired by the transformative power of healthy living, and the passion for life, shared by healthy living individuals.  Karolyn further chose to create a line of womenswear designed to get people moving freely, feeling confident and letting their inner beauty shine outward through style!  From passion and humility - Military Hippie was born.

Today Karolyn is putting her passion into making Military Hippie a brand that has a purpose. Her love of helping people grow and flourish is an inspiration.  Her charitable contributions to such organizations as Women in Distress and substance abuse and recovery programs, is testimony to her belief in human transformation.

To inspire women, and men, from within, and then to transform their confidence and style through clothing, is quite a powerful combination.