The Evolution and Purpose Of Military Hippie ✌️

The Evolution and Purpose Of Military Hippie ✌️

We are excited to finally launch our first Blog since the whirlwind opening of Military Hippie. We thought it was important to let our loyal customers know what we stand for and how we evolved into a brand that we all love and inspire to be.

How it All Began....

Military Hippie started as an idea, a dream to create a brand that people could relate to and be proud of. Our message is pure. Our intentions are always the best. We started with a vision of love and a spiritual based clothing line but realized we needed more variety very quickly... so we expanded our line to basics that everyone could relate to. Our sweaters and jackets have been our #1 Sellers since the beginning. Overnight our brand exploded. Our team is the most dedicated team you will ever find. They have been with us since day one, most like myself has not taken a day off since we opened because of our overwhelming growth. Some would say we grew way too fast. We had many growing pains that kept us up all night. But we were dedicated. We love what we do. And want to share it with the world.

After launching we realized what was important to our customers very quickly. Our customers wanted easily attainable and affordable fashion for everyone that also had a unique style. One that you could not find anywhere else. Our customers tell us they get compliments all day long when wearing our brand! This is our greatest joy when we hear this and makes all our hard work worth it! While our style is very particular, we only sell things that we personally love. We thought it was important to make them affordable to everyone. We do this by selling online and cutting out the expenses of the middle man and selling direct to our consumers. We are constantly making adjustments to best achieve the best results for our customers. Our latest will be us moving our fulfillment center to California, the same center that uses, so packages will get to our customers lightning fast. No more waiting on items. All items will be in stock and ready to ship. We are extremely excited for what the future holds for Military Hippie.

We are grateful to our customers who allowed us to make this happen. We are grateful to our staff and everyone that has supported our brand. We are truly blessed and owe it to you. xo

With Love, Light and Fashion

Karolyn Fox