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Latest Military Hippie Mission. We want to hear from you....

Military Hippie was founded on the desire to make our world a better place. We started our brand with eco-friendly, organic "Peace" and "Love" printed sportswear to resemble our true meaning of what we think  Military Hippie envisions. In fact, we made clothing that we personally loved to wear ourselves.  We since expanded our line to fashion forward Bohemian, free-spirit clothing that embodies our brand spirit. We wanted to give our customers options for every occasion that included day and nightwear. It was also important to keep our mission clear.

Although we price our items as low as possible so they are attainable to all, we also keep focus on giving back to as many people as possible in the process. 

What makes our brand different is that although our brand grew tremendously in the past year, which has come with many life lessons, we realized we needed to move our fulfillment center to an agency in order to focus more on our brand, quality and most important our true mission which is helping women in distress. After a few glitches we are happy to announce our transition is complete. Now when anything is ordered from our websitethe , it will be fulfilled the same day without delay.

The most exciting part about this transition is that it now leaves our team with more time to focus also on giving back to the community.  We  are an extremely dedicated team of people that just want the world to be a better place. Our mission is to provide clothing for women in distress. If you know of a family that is suffering, please reach out to us directly so we can help. 


With Love and Light, 

Karolyn Fox